The Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass Incident (2013)

Genre: thriller

Director: Renny

Producers: Alexander Rodnyansky, Sergey Melkumov, Kia Jam, Renny Harlin, Sergey Bespalov

Country: Russia, USA

Cast: Gemma Atkinson, Luke Albright, Matthew Stokes, Ryan Hawley, Holly Goss

The story is based on an actual mysterious incident that occurred in Russia’s remote Dyatlov Pass in 1959.  Nine experienced hikers were found dead, their bodies emanating high levels of radiation, and their tents -- and bodies -- damaged savagely from the inside out.  Now, in 2012, five ambitious American students attempt to solve the mystery by revisiting the site.  Once at Dyatlov Pass, they encounter events more bizarre and terrifying than anything they could have imagined.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident was released in Russia on February 28th and grossed over $5 million.

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