A.R.Games – a digital division of A.R.Films which owns 25% of Syncopate, one of the biggest online game publishers in Russia and the Russian-speaking markets.

Syncopate is an online game publisher and platform operator headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Syncopate was founded in 2009 by Oleg Sambikin, Chairman & President, William Verigin, CEO and Vasily Medvedev, CTO, the pioneers of Russian online gaming market, who previously founded Innova Systems, publisher of Lineage II and Aion: The Tower of Eternity in Russia.

Syncopate’s publishing platform, GameNet – a self-populating social network for gamers - is a unique technology that seamlessly integrates social networking and community features with game content, creating an entirely new level of customer immersion. It’s combination of web-based services and client-based application tool enhances gaming experience and game to game communications.

GameNet incorporates the significant features that streamline and automate game publishing process, allowing international game developers to build their businesses in Russia.

GameNet is the official platform for WCG (World Cyber Games) Russia, and two of Syncopate's titles are WCG disciplines. Syncopate's current game portfolio includes the following titles: Aika, Magic World 2, Golden Land, Blood Rites, Rage of Titans, and War Inc.

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